Access the Polls

“Candidates should be vying to create access to the polls and energize disabled voters, who comprise a large, politically active voting bloc with a sizable percentage of swing voters.”

Haley Moss

Our Philosophy

We believe that voting is a right that is inaccessible for millions of Americans. That’s why we’re choosing to act. It’s time for everyone’s voice to be heard.

Join Our Team

We’re a dedicated team of young people looking to change the world, one day at a time. We’re always looking for someone to join our community and help us grow!


We’re in the process of developing some amazing programs and campaigns for the upcoming year. We would love your support in donating so that we can make them the best they can be!

The Autistic Women and Non-Binary Network is our fiscal sponsor. Please specify that you are donating to Access the Polls when you make a donation.

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